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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nude House – a software company – is looking for a few, good and naked female web coders

A couple coders on the job
Nude House, a computer software company in the UK, is looking to recruit female web coders. One small stipulation – they must work in the nude. From their website's jobs section:

"Web-Coders - Girls only: We need a number of nude web coders to work on preliminary web pages for customers using the toolkit of facilities we provide them. The work is totally dependant on the customers having a need but you never meet the customers and they will not not know you are nude. We will pay you £2,000 each month for 5 full days per week."

“Those in will be a company entirely composed of Naturists - males and females who work selling software solutions to their customers' problems. They all work totally nude and only dress when they leave the offices and undress when they arrive at the offices."

"There is no need for customers to be aware that the staff work in the nude."
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