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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gorilla walks like a man

Watch 21-year-old Silverback gorilla Ambam amble along on his hind legs. Ambam’s dad could walk upright and two sisters can as well. I guess they are evolving!

Rat takes a ride on the New York subway

Well it is NYC after all. Watch this rat take a ride on the R train car. Note the effortless exit it makes at its stop.

Photos: Cool psychedelic science images

Back in the day we would have paid a hefty price for posters with these images.  Have a look at this gallery from Discover Magazine:

Hey it's now legal to take pictures of buildings

In a recent settlement with the NYCLU, authorities in the U.S are now allowing photojournalists to take photos of public buildings. Wow. This is truly democracy at work. From the information bulletin that was issued by Homeland Security:

"Officers should not seize the camera or its contents, and must be cautious not to give such ‘orders’ to a photographer to erase the contents of a camera, as this constitutes a seizure or detention."

Hard to believe that this was an issue in the first place, but after 9/11 photographers have been harassed for photographing in public places in the U.S. and strange concept for a democratic nation.