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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Prostitutes Hold Dog for Ransom

Credit: Dog Breed Info
A 4-year-old, black-and-brown Yorkshire Terrier named Ladybug has been held ransom by prostitutes since August 15.

Two women were visiting the son of the dog's owner at the family's Centrewille home on Cape Cod. They allegedly took the pint sized dog in lieu of payment for their services.

The 84 year-old owner of Ladybug has recently had a stroke and would like to see her beloved pet returned. "She's like a service dog," the woman said, crying repeatedly. She believes Ladybug may be held off the Cape.

The son has not been charged with any crime related to the incident. He said that he contacted the female escorts through He does not know the women's full names but was able to contact them. They initially demanded $1,000 for the return of Ladybug but have since increased that amount to $2,500.

The police have not been able to locate the beloved dog.

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