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Monday, February 7, 2011

Detroit cops and firefighters to get houses for $1000

DETROIT - MAY 11:  Former Detroit Pistons' sta...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Dave Bing, the mayor of Detroit, is offering police and firefighters who live in the suburbs renovated houses in the city for $1,000. The hope is to entice them back into the city as part as an effort to revitalize Detroit where 53% of Detroit police officers live in the suburbs and an even higher percentage of firefighters. Detroit previously had legislation requiring police officers to live in the city, but that requirement was revoked by the state legislature in 1999.

Funding for the project will come from neighborhood stabilization funds, HUD and partnerships with local banks and credit unions. No tax dollars will be spent.

Let's hope it works. Detroit could certainly use a break.

Man calls 911 for legal advice - get busted instead

A Connecticut man who calls 911 looking for legal advice on growing marijuana. Hey, this sounds like the start of a joke and in a way it is. Here's the punch line: The same genius is now facing multiple drug charges.
Robert Michelson, 21, allegedly called Farmington Police to ask "how much trouble he could get in" for growing one marijuana plant, police said, reports the Danbury News-Times.

The dispatcher advised Michelson that he could be arrested. Michelson then thanked the dispatcher and hung up. Police then traced the call and officers went to the house and reportedly discovered that Michelson was -- here's the shocker -- growing marijuana. Busted!

Woman addicted to eating soap

Bar of soapImage by Ennor via Flickr
In one of the oddest addictions I have ever heard of, 19-year-old Tempestt Henderson, is addicted to eating soap - and can go through five bars a week, according to the Daily Mail. The nursing student says she started with washing powder and eventually moved up to bars of soap. Doctors say the toxins could kills her. While Henderson understands the danger, her addiction keeps her chomping.

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NASA Stereo probes show both sides of Sun at same time

NASA's SDO Catches a Double Solar EruptionImage by NASA Goddard Photo and Video via Flickr
From NASA: "Launched in October 2006, STEREO traces the flow of energy and matter from the sun to Earth. It also provides unique and revolutionary views of the sun-Earth system. STEREO has given us the first view of the entire sun on February 6, 2011 and when coupled with SDO, will give us complete views of the sun's entire surface and atmosphere for the next 8 years." I confess: I have no idea what SDO is, so watch the video and find out:

Video: Pigeons in space

Not much to say. Pigeons in zero gravity. Just have to watch:

Jamel, Germany: Possibly the most horrible town in the world

According to Bullock, Hitler was an opportunis...Image via Wikipedia
This wee town sports a sign pointing to Hitler's birthplace and a far right leader in town uses a logo of a man smashing a Star of David with a sledgehammer for his demolition company logo. The town hosts outdoor parties where guests chime in and sing "Hitler is my Fuerhrer" around a massive bonfire.

Authorities consider ten of the village's 28 adults right-wing extremists. Town life is dominated by one man: Sven Krueger, a 36-year-old leading NPD official, who grew up here.

Video: Trailer for Spielberg’s Super 8 – the old "E.T."feel

This haunting trailer for Steven Spielberg produced movie Super 8 has the look and feel of an E.T. sequel. Have a look for yourself.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (Widescreen Edition)

Midnight serial pooper is 71-year-old millionaire

California - Santa Rosa: Charles M. Schulz Mus...Image by wallyg via Flickr
For years, cafe owners along Coxs Road, in North Ryde, Australia complained to police that someone was leaving late night "deposits" on their doorsteps. When police failed to catch the midnight pooper, one cafe owner set up his own video surveillance camera to try and catch the perp. Behold, the pooper turned out to be a 71-year-old millionaire property owner Salvatore ''Sam'' Cerreto. Why was Sam defecting in on the sidewalk in the middle of the night? Police said, ''He would only say he had a good reason to do it but wouldn't tell us.''