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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Charlie Sheen banned from many New York hotels – where will he stay?

Charlie Sheen in March 2009Image via Wikipedia
Tiger blood man Charlie Sheen, on tour performing his one-man show "Violent Torpedo of Truth," is headed to New York in April, but he might face a challenge finding lodgings. The New York Post is reporting that Sheen is not welcome at many of the city's top hotels. Last October he trashed his hotel room at the Plaza after partying with a prostitute. Not an isolated incident. Other hotels, including the Waldorf-Astoria and the Trump Soho, have also let it be known he is not welcome

"Many of the big New York hotels don't want the drama. He is now looking at renting a private residence," a source told the New York Post. Another source close to Sheen told the Post, "The real issue is finding him a hotel that allows smoking. He has to be able to smoke. And it's hard to find a place that will accommodate him, plus his entourage that will be more than 30, including the lighting people and of course the goddesses."

Charlie, you are always welcome to crash at the Cry Baby's digs.

World penis size map - country by country

Does size matter? Have a look at penis sizes worldwide. Ladies, pick your country.

Retro commerical – Own a piece of the Skydome in Toronto

Credit: Wikipedia Commons
You need a little history lesson on the Skydome, now the Rogers Centre, to know just how sad and stupid this commercial from 1989 is. The stadium was built largely with government funds to house the baseball team the Toronto Blue Jays. Huge costs overruns, pushed the cost to C$570 million ($884 million in 2011 dollars), well beyond original estimates of C$150 million. Stuck with a white elephant that struggled to even meet its interest payments, on November 1998, the stadium filed for bankruptcy protection. In 2004, Rogers Communications, the parent company of the Blue Jays, bought SkyDome for about whopping  $25 million – about 4% of the cost of construction. What a great deal for Rogers and the taxpayers get hosed again!

Nasty mom gets kids high then beats them

Podsobinski (
Did she get them high first and then beat them or was it the other way around? I suppose it really doesn't matter. Valery Lee Podsobinski, 45, in Oregon allegedly fed her children pot-laced goodies and beat them with household objects, including belts and spoons. When police arrested her, she was also in possessing of a big bag of magic mushrooms, aka Psilocybin.

Podsobinski has been charged with possession of hallucinogens, possession of marijuana, delivery of marijuana, three counts of felony fourth-degree assault, fourth-degree assault and two counts of reckless endangering.

Podsobinski was  jailed then released on her own recognizance. Let's hope those kids are kept far, far away from her.

Blind date turns out to be long-lost brother and sister

Holding Hands shadow on sandImage via Wikipedia
Sarah Kemp, 42, and George Bentley, 47,  met online and swapped emails and photos back and forth after it became clear to both of them that they had met someone special. Very special it turns out. After meeting in a pub for their first date, talk turned to their childhoods and they soon realized they were brother and sister.

"Can you imagine the surprise, joy and embarrassment we both felt? It was such a crazy thing," Kemp said.

Fortunately they found out before their relationship had passed any more embarrassing romantic milestones. Both were born in Ashford, Kent, where they spent an "idyllic childhood" with their parents. In 1975 their parents divorced. Sarah, went with her mother to Edinburgh, while David went with his father to London.

As adults,both siblings tried to find the other without success. Score one for online dating. Just be careful you're not dating your sister!