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Sunday, January 30, 2011

An 80's show best forgotton: Computer Beach Party

From  Found Footage Festival: "This is a trailer we cut for a forgotten '80s sex comedy found on VHS. Featuring poorly-dubbed dialogue, a naive understanding of how computers work and music by heavy metal band Panther. "

As I said – best forgotten but worth a look for the laugh:

Use the force Obama – weild your lightsaber and cut some federal fat

Get them while they last: Obama and his lightsaber. If only he would use it for the force of fiscal good and cut some costs!  Available on  Amazon.

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Bridalplasty – one of the most disgusting shows ever

I have never been a big fan of reality TV,  but the E! network takes the genre to a new low with its series Bridalplasty, where 12 engaged women compete for their dream wedding and various plastic surgery procedures. The husband does not get to see his bride until she has completed the surgeries and is probably left wondering who the hell this woman is. It looks like a true race for the bottom.

Yes you can more taxes now AKA "Back in the USSR"

I have always been amazed by the amount of people who believe a high tax regime is a good one. To me the equation is ultimately simple: higher taxes = higher civil service payroll. When has the government ever been an effective mechanism for wealth distribution? The Soviet Union made a very good go of it and we have seen the results. If the government controlled the grocery industry does anyone believe we would have cheaper, more plentiful groceries? Yet I digress. The purpose of this post is to give those of you the would like to pay higher taxes the good news: The government will take your money! There is no limit on the amount of taxes the government will accept, they only regulate the minimum you are required to pay.

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Men forgive lesbian flings

A shocking new study says men are more likely to forgive their cheating partner's fling if it is with another woman rather than a man. Or course, they are probably just hoping they can join the fun!