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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Video: Even the homeless are tweeting now

Not as crazy as it sounds. Unheard in New York gave four homeless men in New York City – Danny (@putodanny), Derrick (@awitness2011), Albert (@albert814) and Carlos (@jessie550) -– prepaid cell phones and Twitter accounts. Their motto: "Fighting homelessness 140 characters at a time"

Video: Very cool bowling trick

Video: Complicated graffiti solution "Robo-Rainbow"

Have a look at Adam Nilsson's "Robo-Rainbow." It's a"complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism."

robo-rainbow from mudlevel on Vimeo.

Video: Russian customs officials show off their lavish lifestyle

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin criticized a group of customs officers for a video clip they posted on YouTube the shows of their lavish lifestyle they say comes with their government jobs. Watch for yourself:

Video: Child with 14 toes and 12 fingers = 26 digits!

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Video: Woman strips to underwear to get through airport security

Aussie beer brewed for space tourists

They may well be ahead of the times. In face, quite a bit ahead.  Sydney's 4 Pines Brewing Company has created a beer optimized for microgravity consumption. It's intended for eventual consumption by space tourists. According to the company, the beer will be tested soon in Florida. This from 4 Pines:

"In space your whole entire face, including your tongue, swells," says Jaron. "It becomes a lot harder to taste things in space."
"With all the swelling all of your taste buds become almost a bit numb, in a way," he says.
"Astronauts have been known for years to throw handfuls of salt and bottles on Tabasco sauce on their meals..."
"On earth when you burp, due to the gravity that's acting on your stomach, the gas and the liquid separate," he says.
"However in space... the gas and the liquid can both come up during a burp." 

Chinese row over synchronized swimming goldfish

Yet another bizarre thing going on in China that we in the West had no idea about:  synchronized swimming goldfish. It's believed the trick is performed by using magnets and animal rights groups in China are up in arms, asking TV stations not the air the trick. The magician who performs the trick, Fu Yandong, denies he harms the fish. Mr Fu releases six goldfish into a tank and gets them to swim together.

"If I used magnets, the fish would stick together," he told a CCTV news.
"Some people say I use electricity or high technology. They can say what they want, but the fish are safe," he added.

Video: Amazing soccer goal

Watch Wayne Rooney of Manchester United score an incredible goal in a match against Manchester City:

From Facebook: I'm so sick of boys being such dicks

Enough said!
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