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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Parents unhappy when children get to feel breast implant for career day

There are some unhappy parents in Virginia after their kids were allowed to feel a breast implant at school, as part of career day. The kids were learning about plastic surgery as a career and were given a little hands on experience.

"I'm still shocked and appalled that my 9-year-old saw and touched a breast implant," one parent wrote on Facebook. "Career day sure isn't what it once was," added another.

A school district spokesperson says he spoke with the principal and there's nothing to report and nothing central office would get involved in. At least they didn't bring in strippers and let them feel the end product.

Near-Earth asteroid with strange horseshoe orbit

Researchers at Armagh Observatory in Northern Ireland have been studying this weird asteroid that has a near-Earth orbit that resembles a horse shoe. It does an about face mid-orbit completely changing directions. It's the competing gravitational forces of the Earth and Sun that cause this strange effect. The asteroid was discovered in 2010 by the WISE Earth-orbiting observatory.

The name of this wild and crazy asteroid: "Asteroid 2010 SO16". The Cry Baby is giving it the much cooler moniker "Crazy-ass".

Asteroid 2010 SO16's crazy-ass orbit (Credit: NASA)

Government worker takes every Friday off for 17 years

Robben Island Prison CellsImage by Dallas75 via Flickr
The Italians are famous for their love of government jobs, some of which you never have to show up for. It seems this gentleman in the state of New York felt a kindred spirit with those workers. As well as falsifying travel claims, he took every Friday off for 17 years, rewarding himself with a permanent four day work week. Howard Dean, director of the Department of Corrections’ Food Production Center was busted during a audit by New York State auditors and investigators, together with the State Inspector General’s office.

“There is never a good time to rip off the taxpayers,” said New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. As part of a plea deal, Dean is expected to be sentenced to 6 months in jail and five years probation.

Attendance, I understand, is mandatory.