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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Video: House lifted by balloons to 10,000 feet

The real life "Up"! Watch this house being lifted by 300 helium balloons in southern California to a height of 10,000 feet. The stunt will be part of the upcoming National Geographic series "How Hard Can it Be" :

World's largest shark jaw up for auction

What is being billed as the world's largest  shark jaw is up for auction at the Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas in June. Reserve bid: a cool $625,000 plus buyers premium. That's a lot of cabbage but then again that's a lot of teeth.

Here's part of the description about the jaw: "The ferocious Megalodon was the largest predaceous shark ever to have swum the oceans of our planet; completely dominating the marine food chain for almost twenty million years. That it could reach the length of two city buses is immediately apparent from this tremendous, astonishing jaw, containing 182 first-class fossil teeth, each with superb enamel coverage, coloring, serrations, and measuring up to 7 5/8 inches along the diagonal, amongst the largest Megalodon teeth ever discovered." 

Care to place your bid? Click here. 

Lady Gaga suing human breast milk ice cream maker

Lady Gaga.Image by Jazmin Million via Flickr
The thought of ice cream made from human breast milk is sickening to begin with. Is this really a product people want? Capital FM is reporting that Lady Gaga is suing a London ice cream parlour over their new flavor "Baby Gaga", which is indeed made from breast milk. Business owner Matt O'Connor told AOL News the he sees the flavor as more of a tribute. "We named it 'Baby Gaga' because she's the queen of 'shock and roll,'" O'Connor told AOL News when the flavour was introduced Feb. 25. "Some people are turned off by the idea, but, really, it raises the philosophical question: Is it better if we use milk from cows injected with hormones who are artificially induced with pregnancy every few months, or human milk?" O'Connor said.

Count me among the "turned off".  Good luck to you Lady Gaga.

Video: The 1st annual "Crackhead Tossing Competition"

No typo here. As billed. I'm sure the Olympic committee is looking into this for the upcoming Stupidity Games.

Crashed plane in Google Maps images

Somewhere over Alameda, CA this plane crash was picked up in a Google Maps image:

School apoligizes for mock slave auction

A poster for a slave auction in the British At...Image via Wikipedia
An Ohio school district apologized after Chapelfield Elementary School put on a mock slave auction in an American history lesson. Ten year old Nikko Burton, who is black, was not amused. "I ended up being a slave. At first I didn't care, but after people were bidding on people it kind of made me a little mad and stuff."

The class was divided into slaves and masters. Students who were playing the role of master were told to feel the students playing slaves to see if they were worth buying, according to Burton. "They got to look in your mouth and feel your legs and stuff and see if you're strong and stuff."

A school district spokeswoman said the slave auction was part of state required curriculum and that it was a one-time lesson.

This leaves me wondering if they have been using old issues of the National Lampoon for lesson plans.

Video: Testing jetpack on skis @47mph - awesome (sort of)

Dare devil and sometime stuntman Troy Hartman is shown here testing out his new jetpack on skis. He had this to say about it: "50% throttle yielded a speed of 47 mph. A second set of test runs demonstrated ascents of black diamond rated slopes. More details to follow at ."

Testing New Jetpack on Skis - Troy Hartman from Troy Hartman on Vimeo.

Christchurch earthquake rock that destroyed house up for auction

The owner of a large boulder that destroyed his house in Christchurch, New Zealand during the recent earthquake has put the offending boulder –– nicknamed "Rocky" –– up for auction. The current bidding is up to $8,150.00. Proceeds are going to the Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fund.

"For sale 1 owner 25 - 30 tonne landscape feature (answers to the name Rocky) ...
He is in pristine condition (just a little bit of concrete dust). Suitable for garden feature, or as in our case a magnificent addition to your living area.
Rocky will enhance your "indoor outdoor" flow considerably, especially if you load him in through the garage roof like we did.
Sorry, but we are unable to deliver Rocky but would be happy for you to pick him up and roll him away (please mind our neighbours when you do) :-)
Highest bid (should there be one) gets personalised photo with Rocky (when cordon lifts) and of course a wonderful addition to your home."