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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Blazing Xmas lights: Crazy Christmas light shows

BLAZING LIGHTS BATMAN: Christmas is coming ... yeah, yeah, yeah. Some people go a little overboard with the decorations, putting on a great show for the rest of us Yuletide slackers. Time to spread some good cheer.  Have a peek at the Christmas light extravaganza put together  by Gawker

List: Five smartest porn stars

Direct from the great folks at RANKER (list and words),  here's a short list of a few porn stars with IQs well above room temperature: 

 "Asia Carrera studied piano as a child and she performed at Carnegie Hall twice before she turned 15. She's starred in over 275 adult films in her career  and has as IQ of 156. She also attended Rutgers University from which she earned a full scholarship, where she double-majored in Business and Japanese." 

"Annie Sprinkle is the first porn star known to have earned a Ph.D. She earned her doctorate in Human Sexuality from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California."

"Shy Love has starred in over 250 adult films during her career. She graduated high school at the age of 16, then earned a bachelor's degree and two Masters Degrees. She received her Bachelor's degree in Accounting, then went of to get  her Master's Degree in Accounting immediately afterward. Soon after, she became the comptroller of a multi-national pet pharmaceutical company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. And during her employment there, she found the time to take night classes to earn her second Master's Degree in Taxation."

"Lorelei Lee, 28, is a well known porn star who has managed being a student and adult film star for almost 10 years. She is a 2008 graduate from San Francisco State University andenrolled at NYU's creative writing program. Despite much criticism, she continues to juggle both her adult professional career AND her grueling academic duties/schedule."

•  "Nina Hartley started working in strip clubs during her sophomore year of nursing school to support herself. She graduated magna cum laudefrom San Francisco State University's nursing school, and is a registered nurse."

Read the complete list of 13 brainy porn stars on RANKER

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Cop busted for pooping in public

WHEN YOU GOTTA GO : An Ohio cop has been charged with defecating in public and voyeurism outside of a local motel. Justin Lunsford was allegedly urinating, defecating and indulging in voyeurism outside the Parkside Inn. Officers were called to the motel after reports that a man wearing only a hoodie was urinating in the parking lot behind the motel.

Lunsford  has since resigned from the force.  Perhaps he has a new career lined up as a performance artist.

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Penis shaped foods (aka cucumbers) too sexy for Muslim women says cleric

HOLD THE PICKLES: A Muslim cleric warns that "penis" shaped foods, such as cucumbers and carrots, are too sexy for Muslim woman. There is a danger that they may have "sexual thoughts" should they lay their eyes on the offending veggies. The cleric was quoted by el-Sawsana news and further expounded on his wisdom by advising that a male relative first cut the offending penis shaped vegetable before allowing the woman to indulge. Actually, I think Lorena Bobbitt tried that on her husband John, albiet a little more directly. Read more:

Cucumber or are you just happy to see me?         Credit: Wikipedia