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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is Justin Bieber a cyborg?


Pittsburgh police find 'The most grisly murder scene' in 35 years but it turns out to be movie set

Scene from New Terminal Hotel
Corey HaimImage by Bree Bailey via Flickr
Firefighters responded to a call at the George Washington hotel in Pittsburgh and came upon "a blood-spattered room scattered with bottles of alcohol and a piece of a scalp with hair still attached". Yikes. Police were called in and one official called it "The most grisly murder scene he'd witnessed in his 35 years in law enforcement." Eight hours into the investigation, police realized the blood wasn't real and what they were dealing with was a left over movie set from "New Terminal Hotel", a horror film starring the late troubled actor, Corey Haim. According to the owner of the hotel, the set had been left untouched, in case they wanted to do any re-shooting. The film was released – not surprisingly – straight to DVD. It is described as "An exploration of the dark side of the Hollywood dream machine; a revenge story with an anti-hero who finds no redemption waiting on the other side. It's the study of the downward spiral."  You likely remember that Corey Haim, of Lost Boys fame and little else, died in 2010 of a suspected drug accidental overdose. I guessing this movie is now mandatory viewing at the Pittsburgh Police Academy.

Video: Everthing you ever wanted to know about crying

They must have had the The Cry Baby in mind when they made this video! The video actually explains some of the science behind tears, for example that tears consist of water, oil and mucus and that there are three types of tears: reflex, basal and emotional. This all has me crying in my scotch.

Infographic Crying from Andrej Preston on Vimeo.

The Queen of England on Twitter

Did you know the old gal tweets? Here you go –– the Queen's royal tweets:

Very clear chart shows radiation exposure levels in daily life and beyond

This chart prepared by Randall Munroe at is perhaps the clearest I've seen on radiation exposure in everyday life and in more extreme situations. Click on the chart to see the larger version.

Strangest action figures ever

Thisblogrules has compiled a list of the top ten weirdest action figures. To note is that the Steve Jobs and the Mark Zuckerberg figures are not included, possibly because M.I.C., the company producing the figures were told by Apple and Facebook to stop selling the figures. The list starts with the Albino Bowler. See them all here.