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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Millionaire uses stolen credit card to buy pizza

This one leaves you scratching your head. A dentist finds a credit card and uses it to buy $40 worth of pizza, even though he has $250 in his wallet and has a net worth in the millions.

Richard Lewis Ludwig charged $40.64 for pizza on a credit card that he found in a shopping centre's parking lot in Florida. The 54-year-old dentist from Michigan, in town to  watch his son's baseball game, bragged to police about his net worth when he was arrested. Go dad!

Strange circle of death

These ants go round and round in circles until they die of exhaustion or starvation. They do it because they follow the scent of the ants in the lead, who have become disoriented and get locked into the circular travel route. It all ends in this circle of death. Read more on NPR.

$250 million sexual lawsuit against American Apparel CEO Dov Charney

Dov Charney in American Apparel and scarfImage by dovcharney via Flickr
Yet another sexual harassment lawsuit has been filed against Dov Charney, American Apparel CEO, famous for masturbating in front of a reporter among other things. This one is a humdinger. He is being sued for $250 million by a former employee who claims she was forced to perform sexual acts for Charney on her 18th birthday. The near-bankrupt company is reported to be worth $80 million.

According to her lawsuit, Dov answered the door in his underwear and "forced her to her knees so she could pleasure him. Then he dragged her to the bedroom, threw her on the bed, got on top of her and forced her to perform another act of fellatio, nearly suffocating her in the process," the suit alleges.
She was then essentially "held prisoner" in the apartment for several hours during which time he forced her to perform additional sexual acts, according to the lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Supreme Court.

 American Apparel has shot back with this press release:

"We have been informed today that Irene Morales, a former employee of American Apparel who left the company without complaint and resigned with a letter of gratitude regarding her positive experience at the company, has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in New York against the company. Upon her resignation, Ms. Morales acknowledged in writing that she had no pending claims against the company and signed a severance agreement which included a full release of claims and an agreement to submit any future claims to confidential binding arbitration. All American Apparel's employees are subject to the same confidential arbitration agreement signed by Ms. Morales in order to protect the privacy interests of employees and former employees, and to prevent predatory plaintiffs and their attorneys from attempting to use the media to extort the company. Such an arbitration process was initiated by the company against Ms. Morales several weeks ago. The company intends to file a formal complaint with the NY state bar seeking disciplinary action against Ms. Morales' lawyers who we believe are engaged in an illegal conspiracy to extort money from American Apparel. We are very confident that Ms. Morales' claims will be promptly referred by the court to confidential binding arbitration where her claims and the company's counter-claims will be resolved, we believe fully in favor of the company."

Awesome mugshot – Mid-haircut man stabs victim with scissors

A man who was halfway through his haircut, stabbed another man in the back with a pair of scissors, according to police. David Davis, 20, was getting his hair done in a Stamford apartment when he attacked a his victim, who was not the barber. This is all an excuse to use this awesome mugshot from the Smoking Gun.

Mexico's youngest police chief seeks asylum in the U.S.

Official seal of Ciudad JuárezImage via Wikipedia
Everyone thought she was crazy when she took the job. Marisol Valles Garcia, who was Mexico's youngest police chief, has now fled to the US after receiving death threats. No surprise here.
The 20-year-old criminology student was hailed as Mexico's bravest woman in October when she became head of public security in the border town of Praxedis G Guerrero. I just called her insane. The town is in in Chihuahua state, a virtual battleground for the drugs cartels. Praxedis is close to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico's most violent city, where more than 3,000 people were killed in drug-related violence in 2010 alone.
Welcome to America Ms. Garcia.

Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly wonders if woman deserved to be beaten

Happy Women's Day to you Kelly. This is Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly's tweet ....

Jennifer Aniston's viral video goes viral

Need I say more than Jennifer Aniston video?

Video from inside a tornado

This video was recorded from the surveillance cameras at a drug store in Rayne, Louisiana, as a large tornado tore through the town. The tornado was 300 yards wide with winds up to 135 mph. Look out Dorothy!

Letter delivered 67 years late

A letter addressed to Miss R.T. Fletcher at the American Red Cross Hospital at Camp Roberts in California arrived a little late. Sixty-seven years late. The letter was postmarked at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 9, 1944, at Montgomery, Alabama. The hospital it was addressed to has since been torn down. Why the letter sat undelivered for all those years and suddenly appeared in the mail is a mystery. The intended recipient, Fletcher, now 90, lives on the east coast. Her brother, who had sent the letter, has since passed away. The letter is now on its way to Fletcher.

Couple married on Skype

Wedding Dress For Happy Couple in LoveImage by via Flickr
A first for Skype? Samuel Kim and Helen Oh, both 27-years-old, were all set to get married in southern California. Friends and family travelled from as far away as Korea to attend. Unfortunately, Kim developed a lung infection, which put him in a hospital isolation ward. Call off the wedding? Skype to the rescue.

The couple were married on Skype, with Oh and guests at the church and Kim in the hospital. Five live cameramen at the couple's Korean church captured the ceremony for guests watching on jumbo screens, and for Kim to watch on a laptop in the hospital's isolation ward. Next: the Skype honeymoon!

Speeder not drunk – just getting a little from his girlfriend

Jason Kircher was pulled over by police for speeding and erratic driving on Interstate 64. He was doing 66 mph in a 55 mph zone. Despite having a blood alcohol level lower that the legal limit, Kircher failed to pass the sobriety test. He had consumed two beers before the trip.

But Kircher had an excellent excuse for his bad driving. His girlfriend, Jessica Talarovich, was giving him a blow job at the time. Note the smile on Kircher's face on the mugshot.

Kircher was charged with drunk driving, public intoxication and possession of an open container of alcohol in a car. It's yet to be seen whether the "blow-job" defence will work in court. Read the arrest report on the Smoking Gun.