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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Video: Cats taking over Taylorville, KY

Cats are taking over the town of Taylorsville, KY which has 1800 human residents and a growing feline population. NBC news reports that stray cats are everywhere in town. Mayor Don Pay is a cat lover and points out the bright side: "the mice population is down."

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Video: Tom Cruise on Scientology – uncut

This has got to make you laugh a little, cry and little ...

Scientology spokesman refuses to answer Galactic Emporer Xenu question

Check out this ABC interview with Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis. When asked if he believes Galactic Emperor Xenu brought his people to earth many moons ago and buried them in volcanoes,  David becomes offended, refuses to answer and ultimately walks off. Surprising considering this is well documented in the teachings of founder L. Ron Hubbard. Hey, just ask Tom Cruise.

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