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Friday, February 4, 2011

The world's most dangerous commute

Deep in the Andes in Colombia, the locals cross steep chasms using thick ropes strung across the gap: a homemade zip line. It's terrifying and dangerous, but is the way many commute across the chasm. People use it to transport all manner of goods and often crowd on three at a time. Do they fall? You bet. And one man was decapitated by the line.

New Starbucks Trente holds entire bottle of wine

We already knew the Starbucks Trente was larger than the human stomach, shown in this National Post graphic. This video shows it also has room for an entire bottle of wine with room to spare!

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Graphic: Death by stoning – how it's done

Chilling stuff. 


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Al Gore explains how recent deep freeze is part of global warming

CHICAGO, IL - DECEMBER 13:  Ice clings to tree...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Believe it if you must ... when Bill O’Reilly asked on his show, “Why has southern New York turned into the tundra?”, Al Gore was kind enough to provide the answer on his blog:

"As it turns out, the scientific community has been addressing this particular question for some time now and they say that increased heavy snowfalls are completely consistent with what they have been predicting as a consequence of man-made global warming:"

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Statistician cracks lottery code

Sign Your Lotto Ticket, As of January 28, 2008...Image via Wikipedia
Toronto statistician Mohan Srivastava thought he was crazy at first when he recognized a pattern in OLG tic-tac-toe scratch and win tickets. But his observation proved correct. He could spot winning tickets by patterns on the tickets. Eventually he notified the OLG who pulled the game. Read about his tale here in Wired.

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Are Royal visits and waste of money?

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 16:  Prince William...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
With the speculation about where William and Kate will drag their entourage to in the wind (the rumour is Canada) the BBC's royal correspondent Peter Hunt asks if it's worth the cost. I can answer that in a word – NO! – but read Hunt's much more intelligent take on this:

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Dumbest new sport: Sporthocker

Sporthocker. Never heard of it? Don't worry, you probably will never hear about it again, but it's worth a look because it's so damn weird. It involves using a stool like a skateboard. So here, directly from Germany is Sporthocker:

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