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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lady Gaga suing human breast milk ice cream maker

Lady Gaga.Image by Jazmin Million via Flickr
The thought of ice cream made from human breast milk is sickening to begin with. Is this really a product people want? Capital FM is reporting that Lady Gaga is suing a London ice cream parlour over their new flavor "Baby Gaga", which is indeed made from breast milk. Business owner Matt O'Connor told AOL News the he sees the flavor as more of a tribute. "We named it 'Baby Gaga' because she's the queen of 'shock and roll,'" O'Connor told AOL News when the flavour was introduced Feb. 25. "Some people are turned off by the idea, but, really, it raises the philosophical question: Is it better if we use milk from cows injected with hormones who are artificially induced with pregnancy every few months, or human milk?" O'Connor said.

Count me among the "turned off".  Good luck to you Lady Gaga.


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