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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Video: Rube Goldberg device replicates MC Escher's waterfall

A Rube Goldberg device that replicates MC Escher's famous self-replenishing waterfall.

Video: The original Led Zeplin Dazed and Confused by unknown Jake Holmes

Dazed and Confused was written by the folk-rock singer Jake Holmes and released as a track in his debut album "The Above Ground Sound" Of Jake Holmes in 1967. That same year Jake Holmes opened for The Yardbirds in a show in New York where Jimmy Page heard the song. The song was rearranged and later became one of Led Zeppelin's best-known songs, the debt to Jake Holmes however went largely unacknowledged by the band.  UPDATE: Jake Holmes is now suing Jimmy Page for proceeds from the song. Question is: Why did he wait this long?

Why design has failed us

The Mona Lisa (or La Joconde, La Gioconda).Image via Wikipedia
We all appreciate a well-designed newspaper, magazine or product. Design is an important feature of modern culture.  It has given us sleek computers and electronic products, breathtaking advertisements, and slick magazines and even in some cases, newspapers.  In fact a message has been drummed into us: Design is critical to success.

The issue becomes more muddied when we add the critical word “content”. Design is supposed to be a mechanism to enhance content; to make access to the content easier for the user or reader. Design is not intended to be the end product, but rather the means to the end. Unfortunately, what has happened is we are living in a world where design trumps content.

A number of years ago I attended a design conference in San Francisco, where one of the speakers was the former art director of  Ray Gun magazine David Carson. Ray Gun was a very hip magazine in the 90’s with a very avant-garde design. During his presentation Carson showed us progressive changes in his design of a particular story. The first was rather straightforward.  This eventually moved on to a design where the type was printing vertically on the page, with over-lapping lines of text. In this form, it was virtually impossible to read the story. But he went one step further – he removed the entire story and used the headline only. A story with no story!

I asked a well-known design professor who also attended the event for his opinion. He quipped, “ How do you defend the indefensible?” Indeed.

In many cases, design has simply taken over content. This is particularly true with print and online publications. Probably the greatest loser in this takeover is photography. Print and online publications have created hip, attention-getting designs, which unfortunately force the content into the design, often life square pegs into round holes. Unusual shapes are invented for photos, which simply do not reflect the reality of the content. 

The simplest examples are websites that have templates for one shape of image only. Try to imagine the Mona Lisa cropped into a horizontal image. This is what is happening in our new, heavily formatted, design inspired world. Designers are creating design that works for design, but unfortunately does not work for content.

The loser is the reader. With context removed, the reader is getting part of the story, part of the image and is short-changed. There is an aesthetic value that is also being lost as well and all of this appears to be acceptable to editors. Imagine a beautifully designed sports car that failed to deliver on performance, which drove only at slow speeds. This is virtually what is happening with over-designed publications. Design is being delivered intact. Content is not.

Nazi 3-D movies

Mussolini (left) and Hitler sent their armies ...Image via Wikipedia
Filmmaker Philippe Mora has discovered two black and white films made by the Nazis that were shot in 3-D in 1936. The two 30-minute films were uncovered in Berlin’s Federal Archives when Mora was searching for material for his documentary in the making on Nazi image use in propaganda.

Mora said, "The quality of the films is fantastic. The Nazis were obsessed with recording everything and every single image was controlled — it was all part of how they gained control of the country and its people."

One film is titled "So Real You Can Touch It" and is a musical that features close-up 3D shots of sizzling bratwurst on a barbecue. The second, is called "Six Girls Roll into Weekend" and features two movie stars from the Universum Film Studio, the main German film studio during World War II.

Brad Pitt will be starring in the Hollywood version of "So Real You Can Touch it". Ok – I made that part up.

Video: Speed-dating on giant red couch

Video: Vulgar classroom performance lands man in slammer

Evon Emory thought he was being funny when he added some vulgar lyrics to his classroom singsong. Authorities had a different opinion. Emory is now behind bars: