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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Poll: Charlie Sheen's popularity goes up with his drinking, drugs and sex

Charlie Sheen in March 2009Image via Wikipedia
Show biz rag The Hollywood Reporter conducted a survey on Chalie Sheen's popularity after continuous reports of his heavy drinking, drug use and porn stars trysts. Surprise: The peeps still love Charlie! Here are some of the highlights:

• 26 percent view Sheen "much more" or "somewhat more" favorably after his recent antics.

• 90 percent of those describing themselves as "avid fans" don't think Sheen's drug and alcohol problems matter as long as he does a good job on the show.

• Among all viewers, 28 percent of men and 42 percent of women said Sheen should be removed from "Two and A Half Men"

• 56 percent think that a future episode of "Two and a Half Men" should address Sheen's personal issues.

• 96 percent of "Two and a Half Men" viewers want Sheen to return to the show

• 4 percent want him to quit permanently.

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Teen uses Facebook to hire hitman

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase
A Pennsylvania teenager has admitted to using Facebook to hire a hitman.  Nineteen-year-old West Chester, Pa., resident Corey Christian Adams faces 11 to 22 years in prison after entering into a plea agreement where he admitted to attempting to hire a hitman on Facebook to kill a woman who has accused him of rape.

Nineteen-year-old West Chester, Pa., resident Corey Christian Adams accepted the plea agreement Friday on charges of rape, criminal solicitation of murder and other counts. In July, a 20-year-old woman who had accused Adams of raping her called police and pointed out a Facebook posting where Adams was offering $500 for a "girls head". In a later posting, police say Adams said "he needed this girl knocked off right now."

Graphic: Tracking Chris Brown's makeover

Thanks to for this cool graphic.

Video: Car surfing bird

This surfing bird is a Cattle Egret – native to Africa and Asia, introduced to North America in 1941.

Tree strikes back – kills tree surgeon

chainsawImage via Wikipedia
From the Daily Mail: " A tree surgeon was killed when his chainsaw was pushed back into his neck and shoulder by a powerful branch.

Adam Baldock, 27, fell 20ft from a tree after the chainsaw was forced into the left side of his neck as he worked in Mitcham, Surrey.

It is thought that he was trying to remove a large branch which sprang back on the industrial saw and pushed it back towards him.

His death is not being treated as suspicious."