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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mansion that inspired "the Great Gatsby" to be demolished

A 25 room mansion which some scholars believe inspired the classic novel "The Great Gatsby" is being torn down to make way for a subdivision. The legendary house will be replaced by five houses overlooking Long Island Sound, worth $10 million each.

Many F. Scott Fitzgerald experts believe the author used the sprawling property as a model for the home of character Daisy Buchanan, but current owner David Brodsky said the link between the home and novel has been overstated. The house was built in 1902.

The Brodsky family bought the home in 2004, which is said to be in poor condition.

How to survive a grizzly bear attack

Grizzly Bear Anchorage AlaskaImage via Wikipedia
Bear attacks are on the rise. Yellowstone National Park saw human-bear conflicts spike in 2008 and 2010  and experts warning 2011 could be even worse. This is a situation you never want to face. It's you and a big MF grizzly bear. Here is what you do. From the Mother Nature Network:
  • Always carry bear spray. This is a must-have in grizzly country, preferably in a holster or front pocket since you'll just have a few seconds to fire. (Bear spray can actually be more useful than a gun for grizzlies, since one or two bullets may not stop a full-grown adult quickly enough.)
  • Don't be stealthy. If you think bears are in the area, talk, sing or make other noises to let them know you're there, too — without surprising them. If you see a bear that doesn't see you, don't disturb it.
  • Don't be a tease. Unattended food and trash are surefire bear magnets, even if they're tied up. Try to produce minimal waste when camping or hiking, and secure all food and trash carefully. Bears are also sometimes lured by dogs, so it may be wise to leave pets at home.
  • Don't run. If you do meet a grizzly, stand tall, stay calm and slowly reach for your bear spray. Don't worry if the bear stands up — that usually just means it's curious. Back away slowly if you can, still ready to spray. If the bear follows you, stop and stand your ground.
  • Aim and spray. The best distance to spray a charging bear is about 40 to 50 feet. The idea is to create a wall of pepper spray between you and the bear.
  • Hit the dirt. If the bear keeps charging, fall down and lace your fingers over the back of your neck to protect it. Guard your stomach by lying flat on the ground or by assuming a fetal position, with knees tucked under your chin. Don't move.
  • Play dead. Even if the bear starts to attack, it's likely trying to neutralize you as a threat. And since you'll never outrun or overpower it, faking death is your best bet at this point. Even if it walks away, don't get up. Grizzlies are known to linger and make sure you're dead, so stay down for at least 20 minutes.
  • Box its nose or eyes. This could feasibly thwart a grizzly attack, but only fight back as a last resort. Playing dead is the preferred strategy with grizzlies. If you can get free, though, back away slowly; still don't run. 

Commit this to memory! Remember do not tease the grizzly bears! Read more about how to survive attacks from  black bears and polar bears here.

Former porn actress forced to leave teaching job – again

Tera Myers' porn past has caught up with her for a second time. She has been forced to leave her second teaching position in five years, because of her former porn star career, when she worked as a porn actress in the mid-1990s, using the stage name Rikki Andersin. She subsequently quit the porn business and got her teaching degree.

“Doing pornographic material has ruined my teaching career and my life,” she said, “I was broke and wound up meeting some strippers who introduced me to stripping. I was making a lot of irrational decisions, porn only being the worst.”

In 2006 using the name Tericka Dye, she was teaching at a Kentucky high school. She taught science and coached  the volleyball team. Then her porn past surfaced and she was shown the door.

Fast forward four years. Married and going by the name Tera Myers,  she was teaching science in St. Louis, until a student uncovered her secret. "Out of respect for her privacy and that of her family," a school district spokesman told the New York Daily News, she voluntarily left and won't be teaching at Parkway North High School again.

I have only one question: Where were the porn teachers when I was in high school!!

Tericka Dye, also known as Rikki Andersin
(Credit: CBS/KFVS/

Who's searching for Lady Gaga? The answer is in this infographic

Thanks  to  EgoTV

Maryland has highest household income in U.S. – Interactive map

Want to see who the have and the have nots are? Maryland ($69,000) and New Jersey ($68,000) have the highest  household incomes of the states, with Mississippi ($36,000) and West Virginia ($37,000) at the bottom. The Brookings Institute has this amazing interactive graphic with and incredible amount of demographic information about U.S. It's well worth spending a few minutes checking this out. Go to the interactive site here.

Smile: Animals on candid camera

Scientists have long used "photo blinds" to photograph animals in their natural habitats. The cameras are hidden and are triggered by motion sensors, photographing whatever happens in front of them. Now the Smithsonian has brought together more than 202,000 wildlife photos from seven projects conducted by Smithsonian researchers and their colleagues into one searchable, and very cool,  website, Be a voyeur and have a peek.

Medic sued for using chopped off foot to train dog

Grown male right foot (angle 1)Image via Wikipedia
This sick saga goes back over two years when Florida paramedic Cindy Economou was charged with stealing a disembodied foot from the scene of a car crash and using the foot to train her cadaver sniffing dog. Economou said at the time, "It was an unrecognizable mass of flesh. It wasn't a clean cut. You couldn't even recognize it as a foot. If I had thought it was somehow reattachable and usable, I would have gone to my commander." She served served six months of probation for her crime.

Now victim Kari Lambert is striking back. Lambert is suing Economou for unspecified damages related to the foot theft. Lambert said of the crime: "Utterly intolerable in civilized society." I suppose the shoe is on the other foot now.

Judge in robes and wig tackles escaping prisoner

Justice, finial figure of the Old Bailey.Image via Wikipedia
A British judge in full robes and wig, tackled an escaping sex offender, who was attempting to flee while on trial. Judge Douglas Marks Moore, 60, wrestled 34-year-old Paul Reid to the ground as he tried to escape from Woolwich Crown Court in London, by bolting and running through the judge's door.

"The jury were just leaving when the defendant jumped up and ran across the clerk's bench to get to the judge's door," said prosecutor Rupert Gregory.

"As he went through the door, his honor Judge Marks Moore grabbed him around the throat to try to bring him down.Together they went down three steps and then Mr Reid broke free and ran down the judge's corridor."

"The judge gave chase. Just as Mr Reid was about to open a push-handle fire door, Marks Moore rugby-tackled him around the throat and waist and brought him crashing to the ground, landing on top of him."

Justice well served.