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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Video: Mucho cool – Discovery's final launch seen from an airplane

Very cool viewpoint on the launch that I have never seen before. This from the video poster: "Flying from Orlando, FL I had the rare opportunity to be able to watch Discovery's final launch as it embarks on STS-133."

Some sad advertising from yesteryear: Mom and daughter compete for boyfriend

Ivory Liquid Soap ad crica 1969

FBI trashes $750,000 Ferrari and won't pay up

Ferrari F50 (at MPH)Image by TGIGreeny via Flickr
A Michigan insurance company is suing the FBI claiming it trashed a $750K Ferrari it and won't pay up. It started with an FBI agent "transporting" the Ferrari F50 in Lexington, Kentucky. The agent lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. The insurance company wants more info on the crash and to be paid for the car, but the feds won't cough up the records, their lawsuit claims.

The car was originally stolen from a Pennsylvania dealership in 2003. The dealership submitted a claim and was paid by the insurance company. Five years later the FBI located the car and stored it pending prosecution of the thief. It seems at that point the FBI took the sports car out for a spin and oops .... The feds have refused to pay up, so the insurance company is suing.

Could that agent be named Nicholas Cage?

"All your base are belong to us": Hilarious moon base simulator game

Just watch!

Forget "Bubble Boy" – it's "Bubble House"

The future is here. Just try and figure out where they are hiding the bathroom or maybe they just "hold it" in the future! Click on the image to go to the gallery.

Toddler locked in bank vault for four hours (or a diabolical underworld plot involving midget?)

A 14-month-old girl was locked in a bank vault in Georgia for four hours. The vault was time-locked and thus difficult to open once the girl became trapped. She had wandered away from her mother and grandmother and walked into the back vault unseen by bank employees. When the vault door was closed for the weekend, the child became trapped. Fresh air had to be pumped in to the crying child while a locksmith opened the vault. Police Chief Gene Wilson called it a "very tense scene" . The toddler was freed unharmed. Could this have been a diabolical underworld plot involving a midget? Better check the safety deposit boxes!

Video: How to view the internet in 3-D without glasses

See how you can view the internet in 3-D:

It's a joke of course. Here's how they did it: