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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Attention Trekies: Set course for Jordan - site of new Star Trek theme park

Let's set our phasers on stun and pick a site for a Star Trek themed resort .... the Rigel 5 star system ...  the planet Risa ... or perhaps even the holodeck. Just as unbelievable is Aqaba, Jordan, where a  $1 billion Star Trek-themed resort is soon to be built. The Rubicon Group, based in Amman, announced that it has reached an agreement with Paramount Recreation and CBS Consumer Products to build the resort, with a completion date of 2014.

Well beam me up Scotty! Who would have thought that a middle east dictatorship (OK monarchy) would have subjects with tricorders (or worse phasers) hidden beneath those robes and burkas. I suppose it might be like Kirk visiting one of those politically repressed planets, where he wrestles evil and leaves democracy and virtue in his wake. Then again, maybe it will be a spot filled with Japanese and Chinese tourists. Let's just see what happens when the Klingons, or would the be Jews,  drop in.

Aqaba, Jordan                      Credit: Tourism Jordan