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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The perfect girlfriend gift: The Hello Kitty™ inlayed Sig P226 handgun

I must say I am impressed.  The Dark Hello Kitty™ inlayed  Sig P226 from TJ's Custom Gunwork creates a whole new vibe in the gun world. Designed for looks, ready for action. TJ's advertises "OLD WORLD MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP WITH PRIDE AND HONOR" and I think on this baby they have delivered. 

TJ's reason for making this gun: 

"I know, the first question is 'WHY???'
The answer is simple, because THAT is what the gal ordered!
And TJ will make your custom gun dreams come true if you pay for it.

The next question I hear, is 'HOW MUCH???'

The gun was provided, so the custom work was around $2100, and nearly $500 of that was just for the grips & inlays."

Netta Marshall really, really, really wants to work at Instagram

Yes Netta Marshall wants to work at Instagram. So badly in fact that she created an entire website as her application. What can I say. Hire the woman!

Pole dancing for Jesus - in Texas of course!

Not much more I can say about this insanity. Just watch the video.

Video: "Stupid Orchestra" actually quite clever

It's been named “The Stupid Orchestra” but in fact it is very clever. Artist Michael Petermann created this piece using 200 vintage household appliances to create his mechanical symphony. You'll need to go the Hamburg, Germany to hear the full 35 minute symphony but watch the video below for a teaser.

Blödes Orchester from white tube on Vimeo.

Castle has help wanted for a "Dragonologist"

Are you an unemployed Dragonologist? Look no further. is advertising this position in Warwick, England:

Consultant Dragonologist

Following the launch of Warwick Castle’s new attraction, Merlin: The Dragon Tower in April, it will be the responsibility of the resident dragonologist to ensure all elements associated with the dragon onsite (from the attraction to associated press materials and Castle staff) measure up to the required standard.​

• Acting within the role of consultant – the resident dragonologist would be required to demonstrate their knowledge to ensure all elements of Merlin: The Dragon Tower (set to be opened to the public in April) reach the required level of authenticity
• Using their knowledge of dragons and associated mythology, it will be the job of the dragonologist to train all Castle members (including Castle characters) within the realm of dragonology and ensure all staff onsite have the basic foundational knowledge required.​
• It will be the duty of the dragonologist to respond to enquiries from staff and members of the public on any dragon-related issues on an ongoing basis from contract start date.​

• Candidates must demonstrate extensive knowledge of dragon myth and legend, with particular reference to dragon summoning and dragon powers and riddles.​
• The desired candidate will have at least five years’ experience working with or in relation to mythology and folklore preferably dragons and sorcery, although this is not essential and enthusiasm to learn on the job will be noted.​

• The ideal candidate should hold a BA (Hons) degree in Mythology and Folklore to the level of classification Upper First Class Honours or higher.​
• An in-depth knowledge of mythology (specifically dragons, dungeons and sorcery) with accompanying practical experience will also be accepted.​

• Working on a consultative basis, the ideal candidate would be able to respond to all queries within 24 hours and be on call for a specified period of time each week.​
• Throughout bank holidays and the Castle’s busier footfall periods (such as Christmas and the Summer Holidays) the chosen candidate should be able to travel to the Castle at short notice to respond to demand if required.​

• Competitive (negotiable dependent on experience)

• Full access to Warwick Castle and its accompanying grounds
• Family Entertainment Pass to enjoy all attractions within Merlin Entertainments Group (including the London Eye, Madame Tussauds, SEALife and Alton Towers).​

Alexander Graham Bell's sketchbook

"'Mr. Watson – come here – I want to see you," Alexander Graham Bell said to his assistant in his first phone call in 1876. Thankfully, voice mail didn't come for some time later and his assistant picked up. Bell was also a prolific sketcher, with a fairly wide range of interests. Here are a few of his sketches. See the rest on the