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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The perfect girlfriend gift: The Hello Kitty™ inlayed Sig P226 handgun

I must say I am impressed.  The Dark Hello Kitty™ inlayed  Sig P226 from TJ's Custom Gunwork creates a whole new vibe in the gun world. Designed for looks, ready for action. TJ's advertises "OLD WORLD MASTER CRAFTSMANSHIP WITH PRIDE AND HONOR" and I think on this baby they have delivered. 

TJ's reason for making this gun: 

"I know, the first question is 'WHY???'
The answer is simple, because THAT is what the gal ordered!
And TJ will make your custom gun dreams come true if you pay for it.

The next question I hear, is 'HOW MUCH???'

The gun was provided, so the custom work was around $2100, and nearly $500 of that was just for the grips & inlays."


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