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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Five new reality shows that we hope we never have to watch - but probably will

I really thought we were hitting and all-time low with Storage Wars, which seems to air continuously these days. Yet I have to admit that I watch it. And Pawn Stars. But enough is enough. Here's five reality shows coming down the pipe that we should never, ever have to watch, but probably will.

1. American Stuffers: Taxidermist Daniel Ross and his family show us the joyful art of stuffing dead animals.


2. Shipping Wars: Learn how to pack and ship a whole bunch of weird stuff .

3. Bayou Billionaires: The Dowdens are rich trash. Simply disgusting. Makes Swamp People look highbrow.

4. Betty White's Off Their Rockers: Betty and her "sassy septugenarians who are hip, sexy and ready to party". Say no more.

5. Extreme Couponing All-Stars: The name says it all.


Thanks to Miami New Times who first compiled this list.
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Scientists change the speed of light, create invisibility

Cloaking Device
Klingon warship        AJC1 via Flickr
Forget the Klingon cloaking device. Cornell scientists have created a technique that doesn’t just cloak an object with invisibility, it masks the entire event. The masking effect works by bending the speed of light, for a very, very brief time. This renders the event entirely invisible.

Have I lost you yet?

While this may sound like science fiction, it stems from a Pentagon backed study and the result are appearing in Thursday's edition of the prestigious journal Nature.

The cloaking time we are talking about is incredibly tiny. They event hidden by scientists lasted 40 picoseconds or 40 trillionths of a second.

"A good way to think of it is as if scientists edited or erased a split second of history. It's as if you are watching a movie with a scene inserted that you don't see or notice. It's there in the movie, but it's not something you saw," said study co-author Moti Fridman, a physics researcher at Cornell.

Still following me? Want more. Read about it here.

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Poodle's brutal airport death sparks internet outrage

English: A Hainan Airlines B737-86N B-2637 tax...
 Haikou Airport             Wikipedia
Ge Ge, a poodle, has become a hot topic for Chinese bloggers with huge numbers of web users condemning the brutal manner in which the small white dog was killed when he was apparently let out of his cage. Miao Qinglang, the dog's owner said Haikou Airport in Hainan Province insisted the dog escaped its kennel, ran out onto the runway "threatening" air safety and had to be killed "in accordance with law". Qinglang added the kennel was forcibly opened from the outside, inferring that somebody let the dog out to its death.

 Photos of the bloody beaten body of Ge Ge were posted on Haikou airport has apologized for the death: "We express our deep regret over the accidental death of the pet dog on the afternoon of (January) the 2nd. We have already begun an investigation into the matter with Hainan Airlines. As for the development of the follow-up investigation, we will run updates immediately."

 The dead dog was on a Hainan Airlines plane which had arrived from Beijing.

 On December 17,2011 a dozen flights were delayed by a dog on the runway at England's Manchester Airport but ended with the airport staff catching the dog and returning it to the owner. "Look at how they handled it, we should learn from them. Even dogs in China are inferior to their foreign counterparts," said one weibo posting. "Just looking at the photo of Ge Ge makes me cry, how could those thugs lay a hand on such a sweet thing, they are a bunch of sons of bitches," said another posting.

As reported by My Doggy Tails .

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Ron Paul has a sense of humour! He sent this funny tweet to Jon Huntsman

Ron Paul, member of the United States House of...
Ron Paul  Wikipedia
We know now that Mitt Romney pulled off a first place win in the Iowa primary beating out Rick Santorum by a slim eight votes. Ron Paul followed a close third garnering 21 percent of the votes, trailing Romney and Santorum by just four percentiles.

 What we didn't know is that Paul has a sense of humour!

 He sent candidate Jon Huntsman,  who did not participate int he Iowa primary,  this tweet last night:

According to BuzzFeed, the tweet was sent, deleted and then sent again. Try and figure that move out!
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