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Friday, February 25, 2011

Video: Woman picks out her "rape" skirt for clubbing

Watch this short commercial where a woman is getting ready to go out clubbing:

Quilt showing woman's genitals has quilters in a tizzy

 A quilt showing a pregnant woman and her fully exposed vagina has this quilt show crowd worked up in a tizzy. The funny part is that most of those upset, have one of these body parts themselves.

Mafia exaggerates how long it takes to dissolve a corpse

Portrait of an articulated skeleton on a bentw...Image by Powerhouse Museum Collection via Flickr
I'll bet you've been wondering about this: How long does it take a human body to dissolve in sulfuric acid? According to the Mafia in Sicily it takes just minutes. “We put the people in acid. In 15, 20 minutes they were no more — they became a liquid.” This from an informant.

Not so according to researchers.

 Using pig carcasses, scientists determined it took two days to dissolve a corpse, if water was added, which speeds the process. The research was reported at a recent meeting of  the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Moral: You just can't trust the Mafia.

Disease predicted from satellite photos

Biologist Denise Dearing of the University of Utah believes she and her team can predict the outbreak of disease by studying satellite images and comparing colour patterns. It follows animal behavior as it relates to vegetation and looks for trends that would indicate a possible outbreak of disease. Interesting and innovative for sure.  Read more about it on

The image, made from NASA's Terra satellite, shows the change in plant cover in the U.S. Southwest between June 2003-04. Yellow and red areas had lower green vegetation cover in 2004 relative to 2003. Blue areas had higher green vegetation cover in 2004 relative to 2003. Credit: Philip Dennison, University of Utahion

Maybe my favorite site ever:

What can I say – I just love this site. For the record, I have absolutely no connection to it, other than my extreme love of single malt scotch. Have a visit:

Video: Iraqi objects to BBC subtitles - very funny

Very funny little video showing BBC reporter in Iraq – sort of. Watch:

They’re off like a herd of turtles: In Florida "Redneck" is a religion

from the Smoking Gun
This directly from the Smoking Gun:

"Suspect Joshua Lee Joehlin told cops that he is a member of the “Redneck” faith. Joehlin, a 20-year-old Texan, was busted early Sunday morning on a felony charge of engaging in a lewd and lascivious act with a minor. Joehlin is being held in the Manatee County jail in lieu of $10,000 bond."

For the record here is the Wikipedia definition of a redneck:

"Originally used in reference to poor, white farmers, redneck is a historically derogatory slang term to refer to working class Southerners in the United States.[1] It is similar in meaning to "cracker" (especially regarding Georgia and Florida), "hillbilly" (especially regarding Appalachia and the Ozarks)[2] and "white trash".
from the Smoking Gun

Dumb burglar posts his pic on victim's Facebook page

The Facebook photo of Rodney Knight
If there was a dumb burglar award it would definitely go to Rodney Knight Jr. Rodney robbed the house of Washington Post reporter Marc Fisher in December. Fisher blogged about the robbery for the Post. The thing is  – Rodney then went on Fisher's son's Facebook page and posted a photo of himself while wearing Fisher's son's coat and holding his cash, for all of the son's friends to see.

Fisher wrote, "He felt compelled to showboat about his big achievement: He opened my son's computer, took a photo of himself sneering as he pointed to the cash lifted from my son's desk, and then went on my son's Facebook account and posted the picture for 400 teenagers to see. In the picture, the man is wearing my new winter coat, the one that was stolen right out of the Macy's box it had just arrived in."

Rodney Knight, 19, pleaded guilty to second-degree burglary and to carrying a pistol without a license. He should get two extra years for stupidity.