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Friday, April 22, 2011

Wineries battle over moniker "Mommy" in wine name

A hand holding a glass of wine.Image via Wikipedia
Apparently, mommies are in hot demand, and I don't mean as MILFS. Two wineries are battling over the right to use "Mommy" on their wine labels. California  winery Clos Lachance Wines is attempting to get the court to agree that its "Mommyjuice" wine  does not violate the trademark of "Mommy's Time Out" wine, marketed by a New Jersey distributor.

"Mommy is a generic word that they don't have a monopoly on," said KC Branch, an attorney representing Clos Lachance.

Trademark disputes are common and one of the most famous  pitted Apple Computers and Steve Jobs against the Fab Four's Apple Corp., the Beatles publishing company. This dispute went on for many years, and was only settled in 2007, opening the way for Apple Computer (namely iTunes) and other companies to distribute Beatles's music and related products. 

Back to the vino. Have a look at the two labels below and make up your own mind. Not much confusion in my mind, even after several glasses of Daddy Vino™. 

Infographic: Toilet paper – over or under, the great debate

Think of it – what would life be like without toilet paper. Perhaps the greatest invention man has ever come up with – it separates man and beast. Forget about antibiotics, electricity and the automobile. Now, this brings us to the great debate: over or under. This excellent graphic from Brainz puts the matter to rest (the answer is OVER!!!)

Over or Under
Via: Engineering Degree