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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Man demolishes neighbour's house over $80 debt

El Paso County Sheriff's Office
 This is one nasty neighbour whose debt you definitely do not want to be in. Jack Herbst, 63, was arrested in Colorado on suspicion of felony criminal mischief after allegedly causing $250,000 worth of damage to his neighbor's property with a front-end loader. Herbst apparently went on the rampage over an $80 unpaid debt. Looks like a nice enough guy in his mugshot.

Part of the good neighbour policy I'm sure. Read more at the Colorado Springs Gazette. 

Amazing photos of Australia's "crooks" in the 1920's

These photos are part of an amazing collection of photos from the Sydney, Australia Justice & Police Museum exhibition entitled "Crooks". The photos were taken by Australian police in the 1920s of "individuals they thought were, or were likely to become, professional criminals."  What a great slice of history.

Something strange seen in Japan tsunami video

Let the conspiracy theories begin and the doubters move in. Here's one for the UFO crowd as well. It's likely a helicopter but lets not let that get in the way of the doubters.

Amazing footage of Polar Bears with Super SpyCam

This is some amazing video of Polar bears and the super spy cameras used to photograph them. Watch as the mother discovers  the hidden camera.

From "Downer [Filmmaker John Downer] employs three types of cameras to track the lives of two mother bears as they lead their clubs across Arctic Norway in search of seal hunting grounds for the den's survival. Not letting any of the frozen conditions get in the way of filming, the three cameras each offered a unique way of capturing the bears. The Snow-cam, disguised as a lump of snow, was equipped with four-wheel drive and tundra wheels to get across land and ice. The Blizzard-cam is rigged with propellers, allowing it to reach speeds of 37 mph, while the Iceberg cam was thoroughly waterproofed to maneuver between sheets of ice and under water to capture the polar bears swimming under the ice." Check out what the cameras look like here.             Read more on TreeHugger.

Odd: Cows have magnets in their stomachs

A picture of a Hereford bull. Taken by the US ...Image via Wikipedia
This is one of those strange facts ..... farmers feed cows magnets. There is logic in this magnetic delicacy. When cows graze they end up eating a lot of different junk, including metal objects, such as nails. These can obviously damage the cow internally.  The magnets attract the metal objects and keep them from moving further. Stranglely, no mention of how the magnets and objects make it out of the cow. Maybe they are there for life. Here is a better explanation from

"When a cow grazes in a field, she often eats more than just grass. Cows can also accidentally eat metal objects such as nails, wire or staples. To stop this, a cow magnet is fed to a cow and travels to her first stomach (cows have four digestive compartments that are generally considered four stomachs) to stop her from digesting the metal. The magnet will settle in a cow's reticulum or rumen portion of her stomach, so if a cow eats any metal, it is attracted to the magnet and does not go any further."

The cyborgs have arrived: 40 years of cyborgs in an graphic

Do not resist! Cyborgs walk among us. They have been around on the silver screen for over forty years.  Check out this great graphical guide to cyborgs from EgoTV.

Guide dog guides man and blind dog

Graham Waspe's guide dog Edward developed glaucoma and had his eyes removed. Blind like his master. Now they both have a guide dog: Opal. Opal is doing double duty looking out for his human and canine charges.