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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Amazing footage of Polar Bears with Super SpyCam

This is some amazing video of Polar bears and the super spy cameras used to photograph them. Watch as the mother discovers  the hidden camera.

From "Downer [Filmmaker John Downer] employs three types of cameras to track the lives of two mother bears as they lead their clubs across Arctic Norway in search of seal hunting grounds for the den's survival. Not letting any of the frozen conditions get in the way of filming, the three cameras each offered a unique way of capturing the bears. The Snow-cam, disguised as a lump of snow, was equipped with four-wheel drive and tundra wheels to get across land and ice. The Blizzard-cam is rigged with propellers, allowing it to reach speeds of 37 mph, while the Iceberg cam was thoroughly waterproofed to maneuver between sheets of ice and under water to capture the polar bears swimming under the ice." Check out what the cameras look like here.             Read more on TreeHugger.


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