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Saturday, March 5, 2011

World's largest shark jaw up for auction

What is being billed as the world's largest  shark jaw is up for auction at the Heritage Auction Galleries in Dallas in June. Reserve bid: a cool $625,000 plus buyers premium. That's a lot of cabbage but then again that's a lot of teeth.

Here's part of the description about the jaw: "The ferocious Megalodon was the largest predaceous shark ever to have swum the oceans of our planet; completely dominating the marine food chain for almost twenty million years. That it could reach the length of two city buses is immediately apparent from this tremendous, astonishing jaw, containing 182 first-class fossil teeth, each with superb enamel coverage, coloring, serrations, and measuring up to 7 5/8 inches along the diagonal, amongst the largest Megalodon teeth ever discovered." 

Care to place your bid? Click here. 


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