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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Millionaire uses stolen credit card to buy pizza

This one leaves you scratching your head. A dentist finds a credit card and uses it to buy $40 worth of pizza, even though he has $250 in his wallet and has a net worth in the millions.

Richard Lewis Ludwig charged $40.64 for pizza on a credit card that he found in a shopping centre's parking lot in Florida. The 54-year-old dentist from Michigan, in town to  watch his son's baseball game, bragged to police about his net worth when he was arrested. Go dad!


Plastic business cards said...

I think a credit card is different from a cash card,???????????

Syed said...

Credit card issuers offer this as they have noticed that delinquencies were notably reduced when the customer perceives he has something to lose if he doesn't repay his balance.
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