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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blind date turns out to be long-lost brother and sister

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Sarah Kemp, 42, and George Bentley, 47,  met online and swapped emails and photos back and forth after it became clear to both of them that they had met someone special. Very special it turns out. After meeting in a pub for their first date, talk turned to their childhoods and they soon realized they were brother and sister.

"Can you imagine the surprise, joy and embarrassment we both felt? It was such a crazy thing," Kemp said.

Fortunately they found out before their relationship had passed any more embarrassing romantic milestones. Both were born in Ashford, Kent, where they spent an "idyllic childhood" with their parents. In 1975 their parents divorced. Sarah, went with her mother to Edinburgh, while David went with his father to London.

As adults,both siblings tried to find the other without success. Score one for online dating. Just be careful you're not dating your sister!


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