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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Boy kills mom for taking away his PlayStation

A 60GB version of the PlayStation 3.Image via Wikipedia
Be warned – this is a sad and sick tale from Philadelphia. Kendall Anderson, 16, got into an argument with his mom. Not uncommon for 16-year-old boys. His mother punished him by taking away his gaming privileges on his PlayStation 3. But Kendall wasn't taking this lying down. When his mom went to sleep, Kendall snuck into her bedroom and bashed her twenty times with a hammer.

Then, he dragged the body to the kitchen and tried to cremate it in the oven. This obviously did not do the job so he bashed her in the head with a chair leg numerous times for good measure and dragged the corpse outside, hiding it under some debris. His final act was to call the police and report her missing. Her body was found two days later.

Kendall is charged with murder and abuse of a corpse. What a sick, sick puppy.


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