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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blackmailing clown gets three years in the slammer

The Clown and the tightrope walker, Painter:He...Image via Wikipedia
Artist: Herbert Schondelmaier
I've said it before and I'll now repeat myself: I hate clowns. You just know they are up to no good behind all the makeup and hair. An illiterate clown name "Grumpy" was even elected to the Brazilian Congress last year. Here's another case of a clown breaking bad.

Frank Salvador Solorza, 46, was convicted in California of conspiracy, impersonating an immigration officer and attempted extortion. Solorza had been arrested in 2009 after he arrived at a home on a child's bicycle, while dressed in a clown suit, wig and a Pirates of the Caribbean hat with dreadlocks and sunglasses. He then grabbed a briefcase he believed contained $50,000, which was to be extortion money he was collecting.

Solorza targeting six members of a family, who are his cousins and accused them of lying on their applications for permanent U.S. residence. He contacted them via phone and letter pretending to be an immigration officer. The family members were told that if they paid $50,000, "your papers will be good forever."

Now the most bizarre part. He told the family that a man in a clown suit and riding a small bicycle would be coming to pick up the money. The family members grew suspicious and called the police who arranged the "sting" money drop. Solorza was sentence to three years in prison.


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