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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

California Republican apologizes for offensive Obama "chimp" email

Typically, I feel politicians have pretty hardened exteriors and shouldn't let smear tactics get through their skin, and the president of the United States needs extra-thick armour. In this case, however, I think the Republican party should give Marilyn Davenport, a 74-year-old elected member of the Orange County Republican Central Committee, the heave-ho. Davenport has apologized for the photo (right) that she sent out via email with the caption "Now you know why no birth certificate," however there are some things that are just not acceptable and this one is way, way over the line. Here is Davenport's apology:
"To my fellow Americans and to everyone else who has seen this email I forwarded and was offended by my action, I humbly apologize and ask for your forgiveness of my unwise behavior. I say unwise because at the time I received and forwarded the email, I didn't stop to think about the historic implications and other examples of how this could be offensive."

Forgiveness is fine – everyone makes mistakes, but party membership is another thing. Send a message out that this is not acceptable, and pull Davenport's membership car.


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