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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Conspiracy theories say government using microwaves to scramble televsion presenters' brains

I have to say right off that it is odd to see so many recent cases of people on television suddenly speaking in tongues. It started off with reporter Serene Branson's live Grammy coverage that suddenly turned into garbled nonsense. It turned out Branson had suffered an acute migraine attack which affected her speech.

The latest victim is that famous juror, Judge Judy. The judge, aka Judith Sheindlin, was taken to hospital on Wednesday after she began speaking gibberish during a live recording of her courtroom TV show. The judge has been released from the hospital, but no cause for the incident was found, according to her spokesperson.

Here are couple of other recent lapses into nonsensical speech:

• Global Toronto News reporter Mark McAllister saying on air that the Canadian defence minister had confirmed that "more than sifty four 18 fighter jets are spending about as much as 20 and ready to assist 600 hundred, hundred deployed over the an-amount needed." The cause of the speech problem was reported to have been a migraine.

• Sarah Carlson of WISC-TV in Wisconsin started her report on Wisconsin’s challenge to Barack Obama’s health care reforms, doing fine, but it soon was having trouble forming words and the camera switched to a startled co-presenter.

So why this crazy conspiracy theory of the U.S. military beaming microwaves into North American television presenters heads? Only the wackos can tell you.


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