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Friday, April 15, 2011

Man creates fake U.S. Army unit - parades them in LA

www.Army.milImage by The U.S. Army via Flickr
They don't call it "lala land" for nothing. Yupeng Deng, 51, was arrested for creating a fake U.S. army unit and recruiting immigrants to join his bogus squad. He apparently gave his recruits military uniforms and marched them around a Los Angeles suburb. As well, he took them to an aircraft carrier, albeit one the happens to be in a museum in San Diego.

Deng isn't completely crazy. He told his recruits that they would become U.S. citizens if they joined his squad and charged them between $300 and $450 to join his wayward brigade. They were allowed to buy higher ranks with cash. According to prosecutors, the recruits were provided with fake documents and phony military identification cards.

"Called to duty, boots on the ground"


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