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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nasty brown recluse spider could be headed your way

brown recluse as compared to a U.S.A. pennyImage via Wikipedia
Science News is reporting that a new study shows the brown recluse spider is likely heading north in the United States into states as far north as Michigan. When provoked, the spider injects a powerful venom into the victim, (!) that tends to kill the tissues around the site of the bite, leading to a painful deep sore and possible scarring. Not a friendly little chap.

Researchers are using s predictive mapping technique called "ecological niche modeling". When they applied this model to the brown recluse spider they concluded that its range might be expanding northward, to Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, South Dakota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

In other spider related news, according to superherohype:   "Twitter user @mikecanadate (via On Location Vacations) has posted some tweets about what's going on for the preparation of filming for The Amazing Spider-Man in New York"
See his photos here.


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