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Monday, May 23, 2011

Video: Dazed and confused rapture author Robert Fitzpatrick reacts when end of world fails to occur

Rapture hour came and went and we're all still around to chuckle. Author of the self-published book, "The Doomsday Code: God Is Warning Us Through the Bible", Robert Fitzpatrick, was waiting in Times Square for the fatal moment that failed to occur. Fitzpatrick is perplexed as to why the prediction by 89-year-old radio host Harold Camping's rapture prediction failed to launch:
"I expected it to happen immediately before 6 p.m.," Fitzpatrick said shortly after 6 p.m. 
"I'm tired." 
"I was working hard trying to get the word out. I'm very surprised. I fully expected that something would happen." 
"I'm wrong," admits a baffled Fitzpatrick. 
"I just don't understand. Everything indicted this was the day and that was the time."

Watch the dazed and confused Fitzpatrick try and answer questions in the video.


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