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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Video: Judgement Day is here! The world ends today - what's the plans for tomorrow?

It's Judgement Day today sinners! If history and a small dose of common sense have taught us one thing: The world will be here tomorrow. Christian talk radio personality Harold Camping, claims it will happen at 6 pm tonight, right during my cocktail hour. I suppose I will pause between sips and see if I can feel the earth trembling beneath my feet. The question for me is: What happens to all those people who believed and gave up everything in advance? There's even a company called Eternal Earth-bound Pets, run by atheists, (who won't be going to a better place at 6 pm), to look after the believer's pets when they are swept upstairs. But what about the disappointed believer that are staring up into the evening sky wondering what to do now that the world is intact. Have the believer's made any plans, just in case they are wrong? Probably not.

My advice:  Head to the beach. Paddy's Beach Restaurant looks like as good a place to start as any.I've never been there, (or even heard of it before) but it looks like a party, and lord knows, you will be in need of a party (with lots of alcohol).

The ad is from Paddy's. "The world didn't end party" was added by Cry Baby


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