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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Science fiction writer Peter Watts has flesh eating disease

Hospital IV BagsImage by dliban via Flickr
Science fiction writer Peter Watts was brutally beaten US customs guards last year and then charged with a felony, and now has the dreaded flesh eating disease after going in for a routine skin biopsy in a Toronto hospital. This man has some serious bad luck and he is blogging about it:

"My doctor keeps jamming on his commitment to fork over the shots he took in surgery, the ones showing the necrotic tissue spreading across my leg. Fuck it; I’ve kept you waiting too long (only partially due to the above reason, granted; I’m also still comatose for a good chunk of the day), and I [...]"

"Let us start with the fact that I contracted flesh-eating disease during the course of getting a skin biopsy — that it was being all precautionary and taking proper medical care of myself that nearly got me killed. That’s just the start. There’s also this little snippet from the upcoming Crysis novel, my own words [...]"

"Some of you may have heard by now that I got hit with a serious case of necrotising fasciitis (more luridly known as “flesh-eating disease”) late last week. I’m told I was a few hours away from being dead. Now, several morphine drips and debridements and blood-pressure crashes and pulmonary edemas later, I have a [...]"

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