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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The U.S. Government's secret UFO files

Aliens. UFOs. The government was keeping track. Here's a secret government document that lists UFO sightings. From Majestic Documents: "This 12-page document is a chronological summary of National Investigation Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP) cases allegedly pulled from the Project Blue Book files ... Much of Project Sign has been declassified. Logical military doctrine shows that the very sensitive nature of crashed alien hardware would not only be "pulled from" the traditional lights in the sky and fantastic aerial capabilities of project Sign's scope, but that real crashed hardware would need a lower classification cover story such as Project Sign to help shield the truth from prying Soviet eyes."

Download the entire document here.

"At approximately 8 PM on 12 July 1965 J. Douglas Stewart of 100 Second St. Athens Ohio took this picture with a Pentax camera with 135mm lens with a 1.8x Barlow creating a focal length of 243 mm. The film was Kodak Plus-X 35mm film, which was underdeveloped to reduce image contrast. (developed in D-76, 1:4) This entire event was witnesses by Dr. and Mrs. William. Stehr, Mrs. Claud Kantner and Mrs. Scott Wilson.aa'


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