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Monday, March 7, 2011

Study: Does Guinness taste better in Ireland

Guinness for strenghtImage via Wikipedia
This one will be filed in my "Useless Studies" folder ... but the short answer is yes –– Guinness does taste better in Ireland. A better question is, "How do I get a research grant like this?"  In any event, this study about Guinness was  published in the Journal of Food Science. From the study:

"Over a period of one year, four researchers of different nationalities traveled to 14 countries and visited 71 Guinness serving establishments in 33 cities to collect data for 103 tastings.
Tasting scores for pints of Guinness were generally high all around the world, yet tastings in pubs in Ireland scored significantly higher.
This difference remained statistically significant after adjusting for researcher, pub ambience, Guinness appearance, and the sensory measures of mouthfeel, flavor and aftertaste. Please note that results are subject to further verification because of limitations in the study design."

Thank-you to ScienceDaily for this. 


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