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Monday, March 7, 2011

UK scientists ask people to collect climate data by blowing bubbles

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Meteorologists in the  U.K. are asking people measure climate change for them by using a mirror, soap bubbles or looking up at the sky. They've asked them to measure wind speed by blowing bubbles in the air and by monitoring the direction of clouds using a mirror.

"They're all aspects that are actually quite difficult for us to analyze or measure with our standard monitoring network and so it's all about capturing new data that can complement our existing observation and tell us a little more," Meteorology Office climate scientist Mark McCarthy told AFP. "Contrails (vapour trails), for example -- we want to look at how well weather and climate models are able to predict where contrails do or don't form and whether they do or don't spread out and form clouds."

I think we are all in trouble when scientific data is collected by some yobs blowing bubbles. Think this is nuts? You might want to have a look at this Guinness Tastes Better in Ireland study as well.


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