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Monday, March 21, 2011

Woman sues Starbucks over coffee scalding – Starbucks says fake

Starbucks logoImage via Wikipedia
No free drinks from Starabucks for Riffat Qureshi. Qureshi, 36, married mother of four, doctor and self-described as a "professional model" claims she was doused with boiling water which scalded her belly when a Starbucks barista in New York slid the drink across the counter, shouting, "Catch the cup."

Starbucks says Qureshi is faking her injuries and that the woman's physician testified that he diagnosed her with a rash and skin infection. Either way, this is great material. The model, the doctor, the scalding coffee and the "Catch the cup" line. I'm proposing this one for a sitcom to NBC.


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