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Friday, April 29, 2011

How Americans perceive Islam and violence

Religion and violence have long gone hand in hand, preaching peace from one side of the mouth and inciting violence from the other. Even a casual read of religious texts will show that god, in whatever form represented, is a violent and vengeful god, who encourages a good deal of violence to herd the sheep into the religious coral and to rid the would of unbelievers.

All that said, I have little fear of being blown up by a Christian or Jewish suicide bombers. That is simply the reality we face. Am I singling out Islam? The short answer is yes. I do not fear Muslims as a whole, nor do I find the religion any more offensive than other religions (which you have likely now realized I have little use for). But the fact is, Islam produces religious fanatics who want to blow up airplanes, building and subways – where I live.

Enough about my thoughts on this. has produced yet another excellent info-graphic that tracks Americans feelings about Islam and violence.

"Historically, violence has pervaded religions all over the world—from Christianity in Ireland to Hinduism in India. Still, the post-9/11 Western world has come to associate Islam as a primary source of contemporary religious violence. Where exactly do Americans align themselves with the question, "Is Islam more likely than other religions to promote violence among its believers?"


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