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Friday, April 29, 2011

The unofficial list of Royal family conspiracy theories

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William and Kate are getting married as I pen this, and having absolutely no interest in their nuptials (yet is plays on my TV!) I thought this would be good time to look into some of those bothersome Royal family conspiracy theories. TruTV has put together an awesome list of the top eleven here.

Number one, of course, involves the 1997 car crash death of Princess Dianna. From TruTv: "Sources say that the real cause of the crash was actually the Royal Family and that the driver, Henri Paul, could have been drugged, and that bright flashing lights were used to impair the driver's vision of the dangerous, paparazzi-filled streets. " The culprit in this theory: The Royal family itself; namely the Queen, who allegedly offed the princess because she was an "inconvenient woman". I suppose that would be one way to handle an awkward situation of a having a daughter-in-law done astray. Mohamed al Fayed, father of Dodi Fayed, Dianna's boyfriend who also died in the fiery crash, never gave up trying to link the Royal's to the crash that killed the two lovers. 

Perhaps the most interesting and ludicrous theory, is the one claiming  the Royal family are lizards. Looking for a way to explain the longevity of the Royals, the nutters have come up with this , hummm, highly plausible explanation.  "Conspiracy master David Icke claims that the Royal Family are not humans but rather alien reptiles who have taken on human form in an effort to enslave humanity. Icke claims to have taped an interview with Christine Fitzgerald, a confidant of Princess Diana's, saying that Diana had told her that the Royal Family hasn't died in ages — they have "metamorphosised" by rebuilding flesh, much in the same manner that a lizard re-grows a tail. She went on to explain that the Queen Mother is "Chief Toad." The good news is that England is not alone. It appears that the lizard people have taken over governments world-wide.

Read TruTv's complete list. It's a royal hoot.
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