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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Jesus Christ face appears in a cheese pizza

There's been bedsheets, waffles, walls and shrouds, all said to be bearing the face of Jesus. Now from down under, comes the pizza with Jesus' face in cheese. The face appeared in a three-cheese pizza made at Posh Pizza in New Farm, Brisbane. The pizza was listed for sale on eBay, with proceeds going to charity. (Too late if you were thinking of bidding, the auction has closed.)

Posh Pizza's Maree Phelan said "I can definitely say this isn't a fake, the three-cheese pizza always comes out with very different colours.'' The owners said the pizza has already brought good luck to them. "After discovering it, the owner of the store parked in a loading zone and didn't get a parking ticket,'' they wrote on eBay.

I'm actually pretty sure that's an image of George Harrison in that pizza.


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