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Friday, April 8, 2011

Perhaps the U.S and Belgium should combine tactics: No government and no budget

Paris Exposition: United States Pavilion, Pari...Image by Brooklyn Museum via Flickr
With the budget, or lack of a budget, crisis looming in the U.S. it's interesting to note that Belgium has been operating without a government for close to a year, without any noticeable harmful effects on daily life in the country. It is difficult to compare the two crisis and countries; Belgium being a parliamentary crisis with a King to intervene; the U.S. a republic whose politicians refuse to sign a budget bill. Belgium is noted for its heavy bureaucratic government, and the U.S. for its massive government deficits.

The point is this: In a strange way the two countries might just be getting the strangleholds they deserve. Eventually Belgium will get a government, and needs one for many obvious reasons, an the U.S. will get a budget, but their certainly a message buried in their somewhere. "We, the people ... "


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