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Friday, April 8, 2011

Turn your house into a billboard and Adzookie will pay your mortgage

Digital illustration of what a painted house will look like
This idea is as novel as they come. Start-up advertising company Adzookie was looking for a novel way to get publicity an it did: Paint entire houses as billboards. In exchange, Adzookie pays the mortgage on the house for as long as the advertising stays up. They launched offer on Tuesday and by late afternoon, they received more than 1,000 applications, one from a church.

"It really blew my mind," Adzookie CEO Romeo Mendoza said. "I knew the economy was tough, but it's sad to see how many homeowners are really struggling."

Houses must remain painted for at least three months, and the agreement may be extended up to one year.

Talk about a win,win situation; The homeowner's mortgage is payed for and they get an ugly-as-sin house; Adzookie gets its advertising at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.The genius in this is not in the face value of the advertising, but in the priceless PR buzz. 


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