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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Graphic: GOP candidates face-off with facial analysis

It's all in the face –  at least according to experts at Sensory Logic. They analyzed the facial reactions of the major contenders for the Republican presidential candidate and rated them on their chances of winning the nomination based on facial appeal. Sounds simple, but it's really quite an in depth analysis.  Fast Company, has taken the data and compiled it in this very interesting graphic.

From Sensory Logic:
"Sensory Logic quantifies and analyzes the emotions shown by consumers, executives, politicians, professional athletes, witnesses, and others, to learn what their faces reveal about the emotional responses to stimuli/situations, as well as their personalities."

From Fast Company:
"Fast Company, exclusively, met with [Dan] Hill [president of Sensory Logic] to understand his methodology and get an initial read and deconstruction of the Republican faces of 2012. This first-ever facial coding of the full presidential field is based on Hill’s methodology, which correlates 23 Facial Action Units to 7 Core Emotions plus the widely accepted Big 5 Personality Traits model producing Sensory Logic’s EmoTraits®. [The methodology builds off of a 19th century foundation laid by biologist Charles Darwin and refined more recently by Paul Ekman.]"

Fast Company's much deeper analysis  can be can read here.

Credit: Doogie Horner/ Fast Company/Sensory Logic


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