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Monday, May 16, 2011

Marijuana found growing at bin Laden compound

MarijuanaImage by warrantedarrest via Flickr
We have all heard about the diverse items found at the Osama bin Laden compound, including the extensive collection of electronic pornography, leaving many to wonder what bin Laden's personal life was like. Now,CNN's Nic Robertson reports, there was a crop of marijuana plants just yards from the home. What sort of party life was going on behind that barbed wire? Add this to the mix: Also found in the compound was Avena syrup - often called "nature's Viagra". Did Osama and the boys need a little libido booster? Maybe. Avena Sativa syrup, also called "wild oats", actually has two known uses: increasing sexual desire and as an artificial sweetener used for a troubled tummy.

Bin Laden's other vice: Coca Cola. Apparently he had quite and appetite for the stuff – "death to America" but keep the Coke coming.

The Osama bin Laden compound


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